Since 1990 Active Southland has been supporting the community to be active. We believe that being active is a key factor in our community’s wellbeing. Over time we have identified that the needs of the community are changing. 

We’ve responded to that in a number of ways – we've brought in new teams, we’ve pivoted with some of the work we are doing, and we’ve used feedback, insights and community voice to guide us. 

One of the ways we’ve responded to the changing needs of the community is through our involvement in Toku Oranga. 

Formerly known as Access and Choice, Toku Oranga is about helping people navigate their health journeys with the confidence, knowledge, and options they need to achieve optimum health outcomes - it’s about setting up clear pathways to better health, and about connecting in agencies and organisations that can play a role in that journey. 

We recognise that many factors impact an individual’s health, and a holistic approach is needed when it comes to addressing those issues. Physical activity and healthy eating form a big part of that journey, but they are only part of it. Our commitment is to supporting our community to be strong, healthy, vibrant, and happy, which is why we have become involved in Toku Oranga – the holistic, patient-centric approach, where all factors contributing to an individual’s wellbeing are considered.  

We have health coaches and community support workers based in several medical practices in Invercargill and Gore, working with patients (either self-referred or referred by GPs) to better understand their health needs and journeys, to connect with relevant support agencies in the community, and to help unravel the sometimes many tricky and confusing aspects that can come with maximising health outcomes.


Leahna Ward

Health Coach 

Queens Park Medical Centre, 

​​​​​​​South City Medical Centre.


Chayse Leith

Health Coach

Invercargill Medical Centre


Loren Greenwood

Health Coach 

Murihiku Medical Services


Tilley Carroll

Health Coach/Community Support Worker

Fiordland Medical Centre 


Rhiannon Thrupp (on maternity leave)

Community Support Worker

Queens Park Medical Centre

​​​​​​​South City Medical Centre