What's a recreation Hub?

Recreation Hubs, Sports Hubs or sometimes referred to as Sportsville, are single facilities that house multiple organisations. They are a successful model that is becoming the standard in New Zealand for different groups to come together under one roof. They are joint ventures of strategic alliances built on partnerships and collaboration not amalgamation. There are many benefits to this concept 

  • Combining resources
  • Sharing costs
  • Sharing ideas
  • Sharing services

HUBs around New Zealand are now becoming synonymous with wider community benefit and well-being - an art of social engineering that leads to the sum of all parts being greater than the collection of the individuals. It is the proven future of New Zealand sport, recreation and cultural housing.

Thinking about applying for the Waverley Community Hub?

Click links for an Application Pack and Constitution

Sport NZ has also put together a free online guide to setting up a HUB. This process is fully supported by the Spaces and Places team, please reach out to us for assistance in obtaining financial and long term security for your organisation.

Why a HUB?

Lifestyles around New Zealand and the world have changed and will continue to do so and clubs, as a rule, haven't. Pay-for-play and casual participation models are becoming more popular in an era where people have less time for traditional sport/recreation.

The strain on volunteers is also mounting with the demands of governance, health and safety, building compliance and planning and funding. It asks for a lot of what was once focused around a good old working bee.

The once reliable revenue streams over the bar and through food at clubs cannot not be relied upon. People do not tend to linger after an activity with the growth area in sport being in youth, who play and are then taken away.

All this leads to clubs in single facilities becoming more and more unsustainable when asking for money from funders whose pot is not growing at the same rate as the increase in construction and inflation. Deferred maintenance and an aging network is creating the perfect storm.

There are plenty of successful examples to look at and understand the procedure for collaboration and what the various clubs went through to ensure a successful, financially sustainable future.